Meadow Lake Fishing Camp has fishing on 14 nearby hike-in lakes for the famous red meated Kamloops trout which sometimes can reach weights to 3, 6 or even 20lbs.

We have boats for you on 14 of our lakes and you can access over 50 other lakes either with one of our free floattubes or your own.

Most lakes can be reached within a 2–30 minute hike, two need longer hikes to get to them. Catch a big one while the only thing you hear is the cry of the loon, the swoosh of a bald eagle passing by, or the splash of jumping trout or the splash of yourself jumping in the crystal clear lake.

When you get back to camp, let us clean and freeze or smoke your catch for you.

Hike through abundant wildflowers.

See wild animals in their natural habitat.

And in the evenings, relax by the fire after a delicious gourmet dinner and tell tall fish stories.

Come and enjoy an adventurous and fun vacation with the whole family.

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