Getting Here

Tahoola Lake How to find us:

How to get to Little Fort, B.C.

USA, Vancouver, B.C., Abbotsford border crossing to Little Fort:

Take Highway 1 East to Hope, then Highway 5 North (Coqiuhalla Toll-Highway), to Kamloops, stay on Highway 5 North (follow signs to Jasper), go past Barriere to Little Fort.

Distance: 375 km or 233 miles

Approximate Time: 3 hrs, 44 min

From Edmonton, Alberta to Little Fort:

Take Highway 16 West to Tete Jaune Cache, then Highway 5 South past Blue River and Clearwater to Little Fort

Distance: 712 km or 442 miles

Approximate Time: 7 hrs, 23 min

From Calgary, Alberta to Little Fort:

Take Highway 1 East through Banff National Park, where it becomes Highway 93, go past Lake Louise, then take Highway 1 West all the way to Kamloops, turn on Highway 5 North (follow signs to Jasper), go past Barriere to Little Fort.

Distance: 721 km or 448 miles

Approximate Time 7 hrs, 55 min

For a small fee (gas money) we pick you and your friends up and drop you off at Kamloops Airport in case you fly in. Ask us about directions.

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General Info


What about Mosquito's:

We like to think there is a bearable amount of bugs in camp even during the big hatches (staring in May until mid July). But of course it is in the eye of the beholder how many bugs are too much.

We recommend bringing a can of bug spray for your hikes and for a pleasant fishing experience.

We do provide Bug Coils and all cabins have screened windows and mosquito doors.

Generally the worst is over by the end of June.

But if the bugs bug you, just think:

No bugs—No fish!

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What Clothing:

Be prepared for anything!

We are at about 4500 feet here and it can get quite cool in the evenings and during the night, so do bring warm clothing. On the other hand light clothing is recommended when the sun is shining. It may be very hot during the day, especially while in a boat on a lake.

And don't forget your rain gear.

June is full of surprises. We have seen sun, heat, snow, hail, rain, you name it.

July and August are pretty stable (but do not count on it).

September is still warm but towards the end of the month it turns into June again.

Here is a link to The Weather Network

The weather report to Bridge Lake is closest to where we are, take off another 3 degrees Celsius, because of our higher altitude and you have a pretty accurate weather forecast.

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What Tackle?:

There is a Fly Shop in Little Fort with a huge range of fishing gear and lots of tips as to what to use at what time of the year. The staff (Brad) there are very knowledgeable.

We had guests who caught Wall fish (over 4 lb) both with flatfish with the spinning rod and with fly fishing gear.

We do have an assortment of flies up in camp (a bit cheaper than at the Fly Shop, a variety of colours, sizes 8 and 10) that work fine in our lakes.

But the best tips come from our guests. When you get here there are usually guests in camp who came here 20+ years and we are sure they'll be happy to share tips.

And you can always call or email ahead for info on the how they currently bite and on what.

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And finally here are your hosts:

Uli & Francesco Pahlevan

Uli and Francesco Pahlevan

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